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These documents provide the most up-to-date recommendations compiled by committees of experts, based on scientific literature and research. Where no guidelines exist for a particular disease, comprehensive reviews are included which contain expert recommendations.

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INVASIVE INFECTIONSGuidelinesCommentary/literature
General BSMM (2015) Diagnosis, UK
ISHLT (2015) Diagnosis, international
ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT
BSMM (2013) TDM, UK
AGIHO (2018) prophylaxis, Germany
SWAB (2017) Netherlands
IDST (2016) Taiwan
CIFIWG (2017) China
RACP (2014) mould HSCT, Australasia
RACP (2014) yeast haem-onc&ICU, Australasia
RACP (2014) prophylaxis in HSCT, Australasia
RACP (2014) empirical, Australasia
RACP (2014) TDM, Australasia
RACP (2014) surveillance, Australasia
Introduction to RACP guidelines
Cryptococcosis IDSA (2010) USA
WHO (2018) international
AIDSinfo (2015) USA
SAHCS (2013) Southern Africa
RACP (2014) Australasia
IDSA (2007) USA
AIDSinfo (2013) USA
Histoplasmosis (acute pulmonary) IDSA (2007) USA
AIDSinfo (2013) USA
Aspergillosis IDSA (2016) Practice guidelines and executive summary, USA
SWAB (2017) Netherlands *
AGIHO (2018) Germany
Expert panel (2013) Middle East
ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT
AST-IDCOP (2019) USA, solid organ transplant
* The SWAB guidelines are different from other invasive aspergillosis guidelines as they are the first for:
– ICU and severe influenza and IA
– Initial therapy for those areas with a high azole resistance frequency in A. fumigatus
Mucormycosis ESCMID (2013) Europe
ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT
Rhinocerebral mucormycosis
Fungal rhinosinusitis ERS/EAACI (2012) international
Phaeohyphomycosis (black moulds) ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis&management, Europe
Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP/PJP) RACP (2014) prophylaxis and management, Australasia
ECIL (2016) Europe: preventiondiagnosistreatment
ASTID (2019) PJP and solid organ transplants
PJP prophylaxis for children with tumours

INVASIVE CANDIDIASISGuidelinesCommentary/literature
Invasive Candida infections ESCMID (2012) Diagnosis, Europe
ESCMID (2012) Europe: Guideline developmentnon-neutropenic adultsprevention and treatment in neonates and childrenadults with haematological malignancies, or after HSCThaem-onc and ICU.
RACP (2014) Australasia
CDC (2018) C. auris prevention/control, USA
ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT
Expert panel (2014) management, Middle East
Tagliaferri and Menichetti (2015) treatment of invasive candidiasis: between guidelines and daily practice
Ahmed et al (2015) Invasive candidiasis in non-neutropenic critically ill – need for region-specific management guidelines
Tragiannidis et al (2014) update on guidelines for neonates and children
Candidaemia IDSA (2016)
EPICO (2016) ICU
ESA (2017) Europe
BJID (2013) Brazil
LAIMN (2013) Latin America
Mellinghoff et al (2018) Equal Candida Score
Jack et al (2016) need to standardize candidaemia management
Candida peritonitis ISPD (2011)
ISPD (2011) prevention, international
Jávea (2017) Spain
Montravers et al (2013) Intra-abdominal candidiasis: the guidelines-forgotten non-candidemic invasive candidiasis
Rare invasive yeasts ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis and management

MUCOSAL CANDIDIASISGuidelinesCommentary/literature
HIV/AIDS ESCMID (2012) Europe
Oral IDSA (2016) USA
WHO (2014) international
AIDSinfo (2015) USA
Oesophageal IDSA (2016) USA
AIDSinfo (2015) USA
Balanitis Europe (2013) Europe
Vaginal AWMF (2015) Germany
CDC (2017) USA

ALLERGIC CONDITIONSGuidelinesCommentary/literature
IDSA (2016) USA
Jat et al (2018) paeds
Rhinosinusitis Singh et al (2017) diagnosis, India
Thunderstorm asthma HPA (2017) UK
Alfred Health (2017) Australia
Occupational conditions

CHRONIC DEEP TISSUE AND LUNGGuidelinesCommentary/literature
Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis ESCMID-ECMM-ERS (Europe)
IDSA (2016) USA
Salzer et al (2016) Characterization of CPA patients according to new guidelines
Chronic cavitary pulmonary histoplasmosis IDSA (2007) USA
Deep-seated mycosis Japan (2014) Japan
Coccidioidomycosis IDSA (2016) USA
AIDSinfo (2013) USA
Paracoccidioidomycosis Brazil (2017) Brazil
Fungal ball of the sinus IDSA (2008) USA Yoon et al (2017) retrospective of 538 cases, with recommendations
Fungal keratitis International (2009) international

SKIN, HAIR & NAILS GuidelinesCommentary/literature
Tinea capitisWHO (2014) international
ESPD (2010) paeds, Europe
Tinea crurisWHO (2014) international
AAD (1996)
Tinea manuumWHO (2014) international
AAD (1996)
Tinea corporis (ringworm)
Seborrhoeic dermatitis DSD (2015)
Pityriasis versicolor AAD (1996)
Hyalohyphomycosis (Fusarium, Scedosporium) ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis&management, Europe
Malassezia DSD (2015) treatment, Denmark
Onychomycosis BAD (2014)

ENDEMIC MYCOSESGuidelinesCommentary/literature
Sporotrichosis IDSA (2007) USA
Chromoblastomycosis ESCMID (2014) Europe
Blastomycosis IDSA (2008) USA

Diagnostics IDSA /ASM utilisation of microbiology laboratories (2018) USA
ID point-of-care testing (2016)
Antifungals CPIC (2016) voriconazole and CYP2C19
2016 guidelines strategies for patients with haem malignancies or HSC transplant recipients in Taiwan
Morgan et al (2016) review of guidelines for antifungal treatment of haem-onc paeds
Professional skills Writing SOPs in resource-poor settings (2016) in PLOS NTDs
Competency guidelines for PHL professionals (2015) CDC MMWR, USA
Implementing guidelines Birgand et al (2015) REVIEW
Overcoming the obstacles of implementing infection prevention and control guidelines
IRIS IRIS (2015) India
TDM BSMM (2014) UK
Veterinary Dermatophytosis in dogs and cats (2017)
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